All the teams from ABSOGER and GERBAUD ISOLATION are uniting to wish you a very happy new year, filled with success and collaboration. The change of year is an opportunity for renewal, and 2021 is a year of transformation for the entire GERBAUD Group.

Why are we making these changes? And most importantly, what does this mean for you? Let us explain it all.

Why are we making these changes?

ABSOGER is getting a makeover for the new year: a new visual identity, a new website, a new online presence, and a number of new features in the pipeline… Why are we making these changes? In order to keep getting closer and closer to your needs. In order to do this, it is essential to cultivate our relationship, and to be there for you from the moment you start looking for information.

After over 40 years of innovation, our team continues to strive to keep up with the times. This applies to our machines, and more.

What we needed yesterday was to make information clear, visible, and above all accessible. Today’s changes are driven by a will to simplify the searching process.

The logos have been redesigned, for 2 main reasons: to help you make the link between the 3 brands of the GERBAUD group and to identify the activities carried out by each of them.

The website has been refreshed to make it easier to read, and restructured to make navigation more intuitive. We have also completed and updated our information so that you can have access to our entire catalogue of expertise, fields and equipment.

In addition to technical information, it was important for us to get closer to you: we have therefore dedicated specific pages to our group and our news.

In keeping with the relational aspect, which is essential for us, we have decided to increase our online presence by uploading various contents on our 2 referent channels: LinkedIn and Facebook. To find out more, visit our accounts!

What does this mean for you?

In a word: simplification.

Simplifying how you can access our information: because we have to learn to communicate remotely, digital communication channels have been developed to ensure you have constant access to our information. If you are looking for information, you will find it all on our website, and if you want the information to come to you, just follow us on social networks!

Simplifying your understanding: the information has been adapted to your needs. Firstly we have adapted the way they are organised; with the website’s new structure, you can choose your entry according to your needs: field of activity, equipment, solution. We have also adapted the form, and depending on the page you are visiting and the type of post you are reading on our social networks, you will find basic, technical and/or complementary information.

Finally, simplifying procedures, by multiplying ways to contact us, while making it easy for you to build your customised project using the information already available on each of the channels.

A year full of promises

As you can see, this makeover was built around a single priority: you. We have been supporting your projects for over 40 years, and this makeover is a pledge of our renewed promise for 2021: building your projects together.

To help us in this process, please send us all your needs, as well as the subjects you would be interested in so that we can deal with them in the near future, either on the website or on our social networks!

Once again, we wish you all the best for 2021, and we hope to see you soon with new content!

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