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Coolers have been designed to improve the productivity of the plastic bottle industry. They use your network’s compressed air to produce air that is: cold, dry, dust-free and sterile if required. The air is used to blow mould plastic bottles.

Accelerating the cooling process has several effects:

  • Reducing the plastic bottle’s downtime
  • Increasing machine output
  • No injection of liquefied gas
  • Gradual cooling without any cold spots
  • Reducing internal stresses in the material
  • Increasing the cooling heat flow

Technical specifications:

  • Air filtration
  • Drying at a dew point of -50°C
  • Cools down air up to -40°C
  • Water cooling as standard
  • Voltage for adsorption dryers: 230V-1-50
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar
  • Optional: 16 bar (pressure)
  • Advertised flow rates at stated temperature conditions