Our equipment

Having a high quality range of equipment is a guarantee for your business.

Manufacturing quality

ABSOGER was founded in 1988 and has always stayed true to the basic rule of every efficient industrial equipment manufacturer: manufacturing quality.

From the choice of components, all of which are from international brands which are recognised and represented throughout the world, to the manufacture of its equipment in its French factory, ABSOGER ensures quality, reliability and longevity in the design of its equipment.

Energy efficiency of equipment

ABSOGER has long been aware how important the “energy cost" variable is in its clients' activities. We use every means available to ensure optimal energy consumption of equipment.

This covers the gross consumption of every piece of CA equipment (CO2 adsorber, nitrogen generator, etc.), and also involves developing innovative systems to effectively reduce the overall electricity consumption of the installations. CA chamber pressure management and ABSOGER Supervision with proportional regulation are perfect examples of innovation.

ABSOGER, for energy efficiency.