We preserve the Mona Lisa, we have the expertise to preserve the priceless.

Heritage and anoxia

Museums hold a large number of objects made of wood, leather, fur and feathers. These objects are damaged by several types of insects, whose larvae attack the materials. Chemical treatments have been carried out in the past. These treatments are not harmless for the works of art.

A much gentler technique is being developed. Anoxia treatment is used to treat all types of works of art curatively (antique furniture, gilding, paintings, etc.) against wood-eating insects. The treatment prevents insects, larvae and eggs present in the works from developing.

A 100% eco-friendly and harmless solution, which doesn’t alter the objects and doesn’t leave any residues.

Art conservation

Anoxia prevents any form of life that is harmful to the proper conservation of the works from developing, by precisely and constantly controlling the absence of oxygen in the conserved area.

ABSOGER develops a range of machines specialising in atmosphere management and oxygen control, used to preserve works of art naturally, without any risk for the work and for the environment.

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nitrogen generators dedicated to the treatment of works of art.

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