Prevention of fire by oxygen reduction

A system that provides an atmosphere in which no fire can start.

Prevention of fire by hypoxia

In a hypoxic atmosphere no fire can start. ABSOGER helps you reduce the risk of fire by reducing oxygen levels in the air, while keeping it breathable for humans.

Fire feeds on oxygen, so where oxygen is lacking, fire cannot start, let alone spread.

Prevention is the best protection, so ABSOGER has designed a solution that prevents fire from starting, in order to strengthen industries’ fire safety systems.


  • Complete atmosphere management, with a focus on oxygen concentration: key factor for fire prevention.
  • No more fire starts
  • Risks are reduced
  • Your activity is maintained
Thanks to our customised approach, our solutions are perfectly adapted to our clients’ needs and take into account the project environment.

Principe de fonctionnement

The hypoxia process in buildings creates a breathable atmosphere, with an oxygen level lower than that of the ambient air.

A pneumatic system periodically takes samples of the air in the chamber. These samples are analysed in real time in the automatic management system.

The management triggers the operation of each machine. An algorithm allows the machines to run for the time necessary to reach the set rates.

The machines run until the set value is reached.

Field of application

fire fire

Fire prevention

For us, it is clear that prevention is the best protection.