We recreate high-altitude conditions in order to develop sports performance.

Sport and hypoxia

In order to increase sports performance, CARBOTRADE designs and builds hypoxia gyms to simulate the lack of oxygen which occurs during altitude training.

When training in hypoxia to simulate altitude, you increase the number of red blood cells, improve metabolism, stimulate lipolysis and improve endurance. In addition, muscles recover much faster after training in hypoxia.

CARBOTRADE has come up with a turnkey installation which includes the hypoxia system, intuitive and interactive control of your training conditions, as well as the location and ensuring location airtightness. 

The increase in red blood cells caused by altitude breathing is beneficial for sports performance.

Altitude training

The CARBOTRADE ALTITUDE technology recreates the effects of altitude “hypoxia", a phenomenon that can be observed at high altitude when atmospheric pressure, and therefore oxygen levels, decrease. This drop in pressure leads to bodily reactions that tend to develop sporting abilities.

CARBOTRADE's hypoxia solution recreates the same atmospheric conditions so that athletes can train in conditions favourable to the development of their sports performance.

Highly experienced and reliable, our high performance training machines are designed so you can start a session at sea level and reach the atmospheric conditions corresponding to an altitude of 2,000 meters in half an hour.

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