Fruit and vegetables

30 years of expertise ensure you can trust us with the preservation of your products.

Fruit and post-harvest

After harvesting, fruits and vegetables draw on the resources stored throughout their development. Once these resources are depleted, they start deteriorating and their entire metabolism is altered.

Storing them in a controlled atmosphere will slow down this process by blocking their respiration. Shelf life will be extended and they will retain their freshness and flavours.

ABSOGER, a key player in the field of controlled atmosphere, has been designing machines for over 30 years to regulate these phenomena, to preserve quality naturally.

Storing fruit and vegetables in a controlled atmosphere extends their life two to three times while preserving their freshness, without needing to use chemicals.

Fruit and controlled atmosphere

Every fruit has different features and different needs. As a result, preservation factors and processes must also be different.

Whatever the fruit or vegetable, the aim of preserving them in a controlled atmosphere remains identical: on the one hand, maintaining the fruit’s organoleptic properties, and on the other, reducing the impact of pathogens.

Constantly at the cutting edge of technology, ABSOGER has developed a number of systems, designed to automate the management of the various fruit-preserving parameters in ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) and XLO (Extreme Low Oxygen), designed for ethylene control, for dynamic pressure management in the chambers, applications for preserving red fruit, treatments to remove persimmon astringency and systems using a controlled atmosphere for research. ABSOGER has also developed specific Rapid CA applications for apples and pears.

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