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Nitrogen and wine

Nitrogen plays a key role throughout the wine-making process, for the dosage of oxygen and carbon dioxide which are dissolved in the wine. Controlling these gases is essential for producing quality wine.

With ABSOGER, you can become your own nitrogen supplier and secure your supply from the press to the bottling plant. Thanks to 20 years of experience with wineries around the world, we have developed nitrogen generators specifically dedicated to wineries.

By generating nitrogen on site, production costs are drastically reduced and nitrogen can be applied throughout the wine-making process.

Nitrogen and vinification

During wine making, the absence or excess of dissolved oxygen has well-known undesirable effects. To avoid this, ABSOGER has come up with a range of generators that produce nitrogen on site from the ambient air, which is filtered and dried.

By producing your own nitrogen, you can drastically reduce your production costs and take control of every step of the wine-making process.

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