We provide the biggest seed companies with non-chemical processes in order to preserve life and product quality.

Seeds and storage

Seeds are usually kept in cold and dry storage chambers in order to reduce seed deterioration caused by oxidation and the presence of insects. This maintains their germination capacity.

Recent scientific findings confirm the ageing of seeds is accelerated by the presence of oxygen. It is therefore recommended to store seeds under anoxia to extend their longevity during storage and to prevent insects from developing.

Anoxia is used to treat all types of seeds curatively and without insecticides, against any insects which may be present in storage.

An environmentally-friendly solution to prevent insects, larvae and eggs from developing, without altering the seeds’ germinating capacities and with no weight loss.

The anoxia process and preservation

Enter the future with insecticide-free seed storage: anoxia, used for seed storage, is now the most effective and environmentally-friendly method. It complies with tomorrow’s sustainable agriculture and that is why it is currently being developed among the largest international seed companies.

Anoxia treatment for seeds is compatible and recommended for organic-certified products. Furthermore, the process is suitable for all storage cells and silos.

ABSOGER provides you with support and customised solutions to meet your needs.

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