Turnkey projects: seed preservation

End-to-end design and implementation of projects for seed conservation.

Turnkey projects for seed preservation

ABSOGER and its French partners offer turnkey preservation solutions which include chamber construction, silo sealing, temperature management and atmosphere control system.

Thanks to this, clients receive a comprehensive service from a single provider.


ABSOGER provides support which includes:

  • study of the client’s needs and drafting of the specifications
  • design of construction plans
  • construction of storage cells (silos, cold chambers, etc.)
  • supply of temperature and relative humidity management equipment.
  • supply of atmosphere control equipment.
  • installation of all equipment
  • construction site and works management
  • operator training
  • technical monitoring and maintenance

A team of experts in their respective fields. A single contact person.

Our expertise at your service

Thanks to ABSOGER’s expertise in long-term seed preservation, we can guarantee the total absence of insects at every development stage, without needing to use chemical products.

Project study and design

A pre-project phase to study the design in order to ensure the project's success.

Chamber construction

Cold chamber and Controlled Atmosphere chamber construction.

Cell sealing

Sealing the cells for effective Controlled Atmosphere preservation.

Temperature and Relative Humidity Management

A refrigeration system adapted to your process, leading to significant energy savings.

On-site nitrogen generation

On-site nitrogen generation equipment to lower the oxygen level in the cells.

Technical service and maintenance

Preventive maintenance and a responsive intervention to ensure risk-free preservation.