Fire prevention

For us, it is clear that prevention is the best protection.

Fire prevention and hypoxia

When talking about fire hazard, we should draw a distinction between prevention and protection. Prevention is aimed at reducing the risk of a fire breaking out and limiting its consequences, while protection is only aimed at reducing the effects of a fire once it has broken out.

Up to now, the approach to fire fighting used to be aimed at early detection and extinction. Recent findings by researchers have been very convincing regarding fire prevention by reducing oxygen levels in the air in fire-sensitive atmospheres.

Our teams will support and advise you in order to reduce the risk of fire as much as possible by controlling the atmosphere.

In a hypoxic atmosphere no fire can start, while users can still breathe safely.

Control by hypoxia

In a hypoxic atmosphere no fire can start. Fire feeds on oxygen, so where oxygen is lacking, fire cannot start, let alone spread.

In a hypoxic atmosphere no fire can start, while users can still breathe safely.

Thanks to its expertise in atmosphere management, ABSOGER has designed machines specialising in oxygen control in enclosed spaces that can reach sufficient levels of hypoxia to prevent fire. In order to reach maximum security, ABSOGER will support you all the way during the entire project and will provide you with personalised follow-up.

Group key figures


Over 150,000

m3 of buildings under hypoxia


Over 45

countries equipped with ABSOGER technology


Over 1,500

nitrogen generators manufactured

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