Gen2ius: Nitrogen generator for wine-making

The GEN2IUS series was developed to meet a recurring requirement of our clients: flexibility.

Don’t buy nitrogen, become your own producer!

Many fields now use nitrogen in their production process. Supply has a cost, and is a real issue in a number of industrial activities.

Nitrogen generation is the solution to the problem. Production can be adapted to the specific needs and the resulting costs are therefore reduced.

ABSOGER’s GEN2IUS solution is an innovative, customised solution, for greater flexibility and a guaranteed return on investment.

The GEN2IUS series: your GENIUS adapts as your needs change

The GEN2IUS series was developed to meet a recurring requirement of our clients: flexibility.

With GEN2IUS, you are your own nitrogen supplier and you produce at the lowest possible cost. It provides you with automatic, 24-hour supply, specific to your consumption. If your consumption increases, you only need to add modules to your equipment, without having to buy a complete new device. The ABSOGER modular nitrogen generator is easy to use, requires little maintenance and is not subject to the ten-year pressure vessel requalification.

The GEN2IUS range is marketed in France under the NITREO© brand and exclusively by our partner Oenomeca.

How it works

The Gen2ius range of generators can be assembled on a skid with all elements of the air supply chain.

  • Compressor
  • Air tank
  • Filter chain
  • Dryer
  • N2 tank

The components used for the assembly of the skid are of recognised quality brands such as Kaeser or SMC.

The PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology coupled with the Schneider Electric HMI controller allows remote control of the generator, in order to control the nitrogen supply and flow rate of your installation.

These same technologies measure and record generator performance data in real time, allowing you to control, monitor and store this data.

Finally, thanks to this, you will be able to exploit the data produced, for third party use or precise analysis of your winemaking process and controlled adjustment if necessary.

Nitrogen flow rate: from 5 Nm3/h.
Purity: up to 99.9999%.

  • PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption)
  • Integrated high precision oxygen analyser (0.01%).
  • Double purity
  • Impure nitrogen purge
  • Eco mode
  • Food grade certificate
  • Compliance with European regulations

  • 5″ touch screen
  • Alarm configuration on screen or via email.
  • Remote control.
  • MODBUS communication.
  • Real time measurement and data logging of generator performance:
    • Purity % O2
    • Air pressure (bar)
    • N2 pressure in process.
    • N2 pressure in storage.
    • Dew point.
    • Flow rate.
  • Use of data

Fields of application

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