GA Controller

Automatic control of the nitrogen generation process


GA Controller is a comprehensive nitrogen generation management tool for the industry:

  • Customised construction and development
  • Real-time measurement and control of different variables:
    • O2/ N2 %
    • Air/N2 flow rate
    • Air/N2 pressure
    • Dew point
    • Operating time
  • Controlling equipment remotely
  • Communicating with the operator (data archiving, email…)

Technical specifications

  • O2 analyser: Zirconium oxide cell
  • Compressed air pressure control
  • Process nitrogen tank pressure control
  • Storage nitrogen tank pressure control
  • Dew point control
  • Nitrogen flow control
  • Control of the 3-way valve for purging impure nitrogen
  • ABSOGER design automation
  • Data storage on external memory
  • Modbus/TCP communication
  • Network connection: Ethernet