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We have been working with major players in the French agri-food industry for over 40 years and we have the expertise in fruit and vegetable preservation

Fruit & Vegetables and CA

All fruit and vegetables breathe, and are therefore subject to spoilage. Controlled Atmosphere preservation is based on controlling fruit and vegetable respiration, to offer a viable alternative to chemical treatments to achieve long-term preservation.

Although research in the field is insufficient to preserve all fruit and vegetables in a CA, a number of studies are being carried out on the subject, and ABSOGER stands as a player and partner in research projects, and offers solutions to support researchers in their efforts.

Fruit preservation

CA preservation has proven to be beneficial for the storage of a number of fruits, mostly produced in Europe. There are still a large number of fruits for which expertise is insufficient to preserve them in a CA.

To that effect, a number of experiments are carried out in several countries producing these fruits, and our activity is supporting these Research & Development projects and offering equipment. Thanks to them, our solutions adapt to your activity to fit your future projects

Other fruits for which CA can be used




Exotic Fruits

Vegetables conservation

Similarly, there is not enough expertise regarding the metabolism of some vegetables in a CA and research is being carried out on various products and their various varieties.

As a result of such research, we now have the experience and the expertise to apply CA techniques to a number of vegetables such as onions, fresh garlic, potatoes and cucurbits.

Vegetables for which CA can be used

Fresh Garlic



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