Shock CO2 for red fruits

CO2 inhibits the development of rot, reduces wilting and loss of firmness.

CO2 Shock Treatment

Berries should be harvested when almost ripe since quality does not improve after harvest.

Exposure to a CO2-rich atmosphere inhibits the development of all types of rot, reduces wilting and loss of firmness. In addition, depending on the variety, the effect may be greater. Liberty and Legacy have the best results (around 2%-3%) under controlled atmosphere conditions.


ABSOGER has developed a customised solution for controlling the storage atmosphere of red fruit.

Preserving the product quality and the physiological and taste properties of your berries with our CO2 shock treatment.

How it works

A pneumatic system periodically takes samples of the air inside the chamber. These samples are analysed in real time in the automatic management system.

A rack of CO2 cylinders is connected to the management system. The level of CO2 and the injection is controlled automatically by the management system.

Field of application

pomme pomme

Fruits & Vegetables

30 years of expertise ensure you can trust us with the preservation of your products.