Palicontrol is used to preserve fruit and vegetables directly on independent pallets in a Controlled Atmosphere, in an evolving and autonomous way.

Modular controlled atmosphere

PALICONTROL is a modular tool for the preservation of fruit in a controlled atmosphere, aimed at improving the post-harvest quality of fruit, slowing down the development of fungal diseases and slowing down the senescence of high-value fruits such as blueberries, redcurrants, blackberries and raspberries.
Using it reduces the number of rejects and quality complaints, and it extends the marketing window.



Palicontrol’s primary function is to store various fruits and vegetables in cold chambers. The technology is easy to implement and to use. The high-quality plastic cover is reusable for several seasons.


Palicontrol can be used to trace data measured throughout the storage period. It is possible to control remotely 24 hours a day via an internet connection or a dedicated telephone line.

Increasing Flexibility

The system is adaptable (up to 160 covers), so you can double or triple the storage time of your products while preserving fruit quality in order to sell them pallet by pallet depending on your needs and on market opportunities

How it works

Fruit are stored on pallets, which are fitted with tarpaulins to allow control of the atmosphere. The system can be adapted to your needs and can be extended to 160 tarpaulins.

Composed of a nitrogen generator, a CO2 bottle holder and a sealing kit, you can control the levels of the various gases present and manage the atmosphere inside the tarpaulins.

The fruit pallets are independent of each other and can be controlled individually.

Thanks to an electromechanical, computer-controlled automatic management system, Palicontrol automatically regulates the O2 and CO2 levels inside the covers.

  • Automatic measurement and control of defined parameters: O2/N2/CO2
  • Optional temperature and HR measurement and control.
  • Traceability: data processing.
  • Remote connection.
  • Alarm/stop at critical levels.
  • Expandable: additional modules.
  • Allows CO2 injection treatment per pallet

Field of application

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Fruits & Vegetables

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