Ethylene control

Ethylene is the key variable for preserving efficiently. Controlling this parameter is essential to ensure a long shelf life without losing firmness and without scald.

Ethylene and preservation

Ethylene is a gas produced by all plants. It is a plant hormone affecting their maturation and ageing. It also affects the development of scald.

However, not all fruits produce the same amount of ethylene and have the same sensitivity to the gas. Some fruit and vegetables are unique in that they continue to ripen after harvest. At one point, they produce a peak of ethylene. These are called climacteric fruits.

In order to control ripening and improve fruit preservation, ABSOGER has come up with an ethylene solution that’s customised to your needs and your products.


    • Controlling and managing ethylene: the key to good preservation
    • Preventing SCALD
    • Slowing down fruit ripening and ageing
    • Essential for effective XLO preservation.
    Measuring and removing

    Our system is used to monitor ethylene levels in storage chambers, using an analysis tool that’s either portable or integrated with your V7 Supervision, and equipment to remove ethylene.

Portable ethylene analyser

Integrated ethylene analyser


Controlling ethylene

Analysing and removing ethylene makes it possible to control C2H4 levels in the CA chamber precisely, for effective preservation.

How it works

A pneumatic system periodically takes samples of the air in the chamber. These samples are analysed in real time in the automatic management system.

The management triggers the operation of each machine. An algorithm allows the machines to run for the time necessary to reach the set rates.

The machines run until the set value is reached.

The ethylene catalyst is the equipment dedicated to the elimination of ethylene molecules present in a cold room or a sealed atmosphere. The size and power of this machine can vary according to the concentration present and the limits to be reached.

Field of application

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Fruits & Vegetables

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