Ethylene Catalyst

The Ethylene Catalyst can be used in any type of chamber for efficient elimination.


How the Ethylene Catalyst works:
  1. Air from the cold chamber is drawn in by one of the two fans.
  2. The ethylene contained is burnt in the central part (catalytic layer heated to 230° – 260°C) by an electric resistance.
  3. The air is then cooled by passing through a heat exchanger and is released back into the chamber free of ethylene molecules.
  4. Flow direction is cyclically reversed so that the air released is at a temperature close to that of the chamber.
  • Technical specifications

  • Application in CA
  • Gas tight
  • Pipe connections
  • Can be mounted outside the cold chamber
  • Guarantees levels < 0.02 ppm
  • Power (kW) 50 Hz: 2.6 – 6.2 kW
  • Capacity: 200-600 tonnes