PSA Fruit

We have been working with major players in the French agri-food industry for over 40 years and we have the expertise in fruit and vegetable preservation.

Nitrogen generator for fruit: PSA

ABSOGER’s ‘PSA’ technology activated carbon nitrogen generator produces a nitrogen flow used to quickly bring your chambers down to a controlled atmosphere with an oxygen content of 5% to 1% depending on your needs.

When initially putting in a controlled atmosphere and after any potential destocking, ABSOGER’s nitrogen generator can process between 100 and 1200 tonnes of fruit every day.


  • Screw compressor.
  • Integrated high capacity dryer.
  • Double purity.
  • Compact and designed on a stand, making it easy to move with a forklift.
  • It is entirely mobile and can therefore be used for several chambers and in several packing houses.
  • Plug & Play: Installation only requires a power supply.
  • The nitrogen generated is free of impurities and especially carbon dioxide. Thanks to this, it acts as an ideal back-up in case of failure of a carbon dioxide adsorber.
  • Robust and reliable.