Smart Controller

Controlled atmosphere management integrated into your CO2 adsorber.

Smart Controller


This system is used to analyse and control gas concentrations:

  • Oxygen % (O2)
  • Carbon dioxide % (CO2)

And to measure

  • temperature (°C) in sequence: the number of sequential analyses can range between 2 and 24 per day.

The system measures and makes corrections to reach the configured setpoints.

  • Integration into the CO2 adsorber
  • Programming gas rate control setpoints
  • Automatic regulation by conditioned release
  • Proportional regulation

Technical specifications

  • Display: 5.7-inch colour touchscreen
  • Remote access to the screen via Microsoft Internet Explorer and mobile application
  • Connection: Ethernet network
  • Memory: USB
  • Automatic e-mailing system
  • Sequential temperature measurement system
  • Network printer link (HP PCL4 type)