Laser Cutting Solution

On-site nitrogen generation to drastically reduce the cost of nitrogen supply.

Nitrogen laser cutting

In laser cutting, nitrogen is used for two things:

  1. The high-pressure jet blows the metal melted by the laser beam, creating a vacuum in the sheet: cutting
  2. The jet is also used to cool down the metal in its solid state and prevents or limits deformation.

High purity nitrogen should contain very little oxygen. Traces of oxygen on the hot metal cause a slight oxidation, changing the colour of the cut.

Generally speaking, the greater the thickness of the sheet, the more laser power is required, and the larger the nitrogen nozzle and the higher the pressure.


Nitrogen supply is a challenge for a number of industrial activities. Costs, risks and constraints in logistics, storage and security, as well as waste, should be controlled for the business to function properly.

ABSOGER offers customised solutions adapted to your project, to help you fulfil your nitrogen needs and ensure economies of scale by cutting out the need for regular external supply.

How it works

The ABSOGER solution for the laser cutting industry consists of:

  • a compressor
  • a dryer
  • a filter chain
  • a nitrogen generator
  • a booster
  • a rack of HP bottles

The air is compressed by the compressor and is then stored in a vessel to ensure inlet pressure

The air is treated by a refrigeration dryer to reduce air humidity and then passes through particle filters in order to purify and de-oil it.

Once this has been completed, the purified air enters the generator to be treated by an activated carbon process which filters out oxygen and only keeps nitrogen.

Machines run continuously until a certain pressure is reached in the nitrogen HP cylinder.

These cylinders supply nitrogen to the machines as required.

Once the pressure is too low, the generator fills up the cylinders again.

Field of application

industrie industrie


Our solutions are used to upgrade the production processes of a large number of French manufacturers.